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Content Samples

Check out a few SOPs and tutorials written by our team.

Getting Started with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Assistant is a fantastic tool which allows businesses to spend their advertising dollars wisely. While the process is quite similar for any platform, this SOP will highlight the needed steps to add the Tag Assistant to a WordPress-based website.

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Team Password Management for Business

Believe it or not, passwords are not the most effective security mechanisms. According to George Hardesty, CEO of, almost 20% of people use and reuse the same password for all their accounts. And things get much more complex if you need to manage and share various passwords with other team members.

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How to Install the Facebook Pixel

This snippet of JavaScript code is essential for companies who run Facebook advertising campaigns. By making use of that pixel, you will be able to create remarketing campaigns, targeting groups of people you want to re-engage, because they are already familiar with your company's offer.

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Back Up and Restore Your WordPress Site

Companies need effective backup solutions more than ever before. According to, businesses fall victims to ransomware attacks every 14 seconds. More than this, lots of websites can go offline for a great variety of reasons. Theme upgrades, faulty plugins, and compromised servers are just of few of the factors that can affect your website's functionality for many hours, and sometimes even days.

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Discover Your Competitor's Traffic Sources

How much traffic are your competitors' websites getting? And where do those people come from? If you've ever wanted answers to questions like these, you will be glad to find out that this guide includes the tools and the methodology which will allow you to reverse-engineer your competitors' website traffic sources.

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Setting up Google Search Console

Google's Search Console is a free tool which helps businesses monitor the performance of their websites in the world's most popular search engine. This tutorial will help you connect the Search Console to Yoast, an SEO plugin, giving you the option to get website traffic notifications and stats straight into your company's WordPress dashboard.

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